Who we are

Indigenous traditional arts, culture, language and character education

Our vision

To promote a just, regenerative and unified world, centered on Indigenous wisdom, which nurtures the full potential, dignity and esteem of all people; and inspires a life-long dedication to actively respect, protect and defend the rights of people and the planet. 

Our Mission

To empower people to realize their nobility, to defend and take active steps to protect grandmother earth, and to treat each other as good relatives through the promotion and celebration of Indigenous culture and wisdom.


We EMPOWER children, youth and young adults to take charge of their spiritual and material destiny through funding and providing traditional Indigenous Cultural Arts programming, educational enhancements and experiences that foster well-being and unleash potential.


We ENGAGE in preserving vital elements of Indigenous culture that are on the brink of extinction, such as languages and Indigenous North American flute, through networking, collaborating and working with dedicated organizations, educators and scholars at college and university centers.


We ENABLE communities to create systemic change; reclaim, regenerate and reinforce cultural identity to curate their collective future through in-depth outreach and collaboration towards common goals.
An indigenous lead team united by a common goal


Ts’e Itzoh-Louise Profeit-LeBlanc


Karen Pulkrabek

Board Member

Littlebrave Beaston

Board Member

Josephine Mulcahy

Board Member

Ceylan İşgör-Locke

Board Member

Together, we are changing the world

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Education is an investment in our collective future. It is the essential means by which children, youth and young adults acquire knowledge, develop competencies and forge change.

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