Reading, Writing & Comprehension Using Indigenous Stories
 (grades 5-8)

A library of indigenous folktales to educate & entertain brought to life by master storyteller Kevin Locke 
  • Duration

    35, 45 & 90 minute lesson plans 
  • What's included

    *Video (streaming)
    * Teachers Guide
    *Student Materials
  • Learners

    Grades 5 - 8
  • A Library of Stories

    8+ story videos; 15-20 min ea.
How to use this curriculum: 

1) Log in, choose a lesson  

2) Pick the lesson length desired; we've included 30, 45 and 90 minute lesson plans

3) Review the lesson plan and share (or print) any desired companion materials from the available downloads

4) Hit play!  Story videos are ready to stream from your computer to a monitor.  Printouts of stories are also available for "offline" use   

Course Lessons

Everything's included - 

  • Indigenous Folk Tale Videos
  • Teachers Guide
  • Activity materials & Discussion Questions 

"Classroom Ready" 

Videos, lesson plans, activity materials...everything needed for student engagement and learning

Our committment

To produce academically sound  educational materials that reflect the spirit of our founder, and his belief in the arts, youth & unity

Reading Writing & Comprehension Using Indigenous Stories

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Course features
  • Author: Kevin Locke
  • Recommended for Grades 5-8
  • Video run time: approximately 15 minutes/story
  • 35, 45 & 90 minute lesson plans
Course overview
A library of classic folktales to educate & entertain brought to life by master storyteller Kevin Locke! 
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Excerpted from Charles Eastman's "Wigwam Evenings, "Sioux Tales Retold". Materials include streaming video, teacher's materials & more.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Kevin Locke

Tȟokéya Inážiŋ- Kevin Locke

Kevin Locke, Tȟokéya Inážiŋ--meaning "The First to Arise”-- is Lakota (Hunkpapa band) and Anishinaabe. Kevin is a preeminent player of the Native American flute, traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist, educator, fluent Lakota language and sign language speaker, and member of the Baha’i Faith. Kevin is most known for the Hoop Dance, the Hoop of Life, a prayer for the unification of all humankind.
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