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Our passion lies in helping all youth reach their full potential.

Welcome to the Patricia Locke Foundation online course page!

Patricia A. Locke (Tȟawáčhiŋ Wašté Wiŋ - “Compassionate Woman”), was a member of the Lakota (Hunkpapa band) and White Earth Chippewa (Mississippi band).  She fought for the education of American Indians and played a leading role in the founding of seventeen tribally run colleges in the United States.  We were founded by her son; Kevin Locke.   Both our namesake & founder believed in Indigenous values, preservation of indigenous languages, the nurturing of youth, and using the arts to build bridges across cultures — values that remain at the heart of our curriculum.  

Our content features traditional cultural arts of Indigenous North America. Materials are designed for all - regardless of geographic location or background.  They can be used to discuss character & virtues, as supplemental materials for  reading, writing and comprehension; arts and music appreciation, and more.

Most importantly, we infuse the spirt of our founder in all we do.  We recognize the nobility of youth.  The arts play a major role in our programming.  We believe in the oneness of humankind.

Wheher you are a educator, children's class teacher,  parent, or have an interest in indigenous culture, we invite you to learn more about us.

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The Patricia Locke Foundation Family 

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 “All of the people have the same impulses, spirits, and goals. Through my music and dance, I want to create a positive awareness of oneness of humanity.”
 - Kevin Locke

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